Under the direction of the Department of Evangelism and Spiritual Life Development of the Germany, Lithuania and Poland Territory (Major Frank Honsberg) and in cooperation with the Switzerland, Austria and Hungary Territory the first Holiness Seminar for Salvation Army soldiers and members was held in the Pfalzakademie in Lambrecht. Eight Swiss and fourteen German participants met from 27-29 September to consider the topic: ‘Holy, but not out of touch!’

Holiness Seminar

Four speakers (Lieut-Colonel Anne-Florence Tursi and Major Traugott Heiniger, Switzerland, and Majors Frank and Stefanie Honsberg, Germany) gave presentations on the subjects of holiness in the Old Testament, the New Testament and in everyday life, the history of holiness and other topics. They conducted personal interviews, led various group sessions and, in the final meeting, invited people to commit themselves to God.

One special element was the unit on ‘Creative Holiness’. The participants were given the opportunity to look at the theme of holiness in an artistic way. In the evening the results were presented: poems, watercolours, picture meditations, personally-designed postcards, hand-made objects and much more. Through this exercise the ‘artists’ gave open, honest and in-depth insights into their lives. It was a great blessing for all of us.

A participant from Berlin subsequently said this about the weekend:

When I read that the topic of the seminar was holiness, I thought: This is something which interests me! I've been a member of The Salvation Army for 40 years and have often given the theme of holiness serious thought and try to live a life of holiness by the power of God. It is very good to think about what you have heard and experienced from time to time and also make course corrections in the life of faith. This seminar has shed completely new light for me on many things about holiness.

One of the speakers defined what the goal of this seminar should be very well and this has become important to me:

consciously living in God’s presence (here and now)
setting our roots deep in Christ, the source of living water
and making ourselves completely available to him – without seeming to be ‘out of touch’

I want to bear fruit and to be there for others. It has also become important to me to keep in ‘online mode’ with God. Prayer will occupy a much higher and more important role now. This seminar has given me a lot. Now it is time to put what we have heard into practice in our everyday life and not to forget it so quickly in the hustle and bustle of everyday living. If there is another seminar I will be there without fail, because I want to learn a lot more and listen to God’s word.

Frank Honsberg, Major
Territorial Secretary for Spiritual Life Development
Germany and Lithuania Territory


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