gfsThe weekend of May 18-20 was punctuated by the second annual ‘Go For Souls' Edmonton (Canada & Bermuda Territory) evangelism conference. Major Murray Jaster (Medicine Hat, C&B Territory) led worship and Corps Sergeant-Major Aaron White (614 Vancouver, C&B Territory) preached through the book of Acts to a crowd from various cities, provinces, and countries. A jam-packed hall at the Edmonton Crossroads Corps hosted the final meeting characterised by a powerful Holy Spirit-generated response at the Mercy Seat.

A memorable, event-personifying statement made during one of CSM Aaron White's sermon, "As we see throughout the book of Acts, the Holy Spirit is the initiator of evangelism, the enabler and empowerment for evangelism, and the great promise of evangelism. Without the Holy Spirit there is no true evangelism. Without the Holy Spirit, there is no true Christian life."

Evangelism Workshops featured at ‘Go For Souls' Edmonton included: ‘Conversational Evangelism' with Major Danielle Strickland;‘Prophetic Evangelism', taught by Recruiting Sergeant Nicole Brindle (614 Vancouver); ‘Treasure Hunt Evangelism', led by CSM Aaron White; ‘Children Evangelism' with Lieutenant Lorri-Anne Butler (Castledown, C&B Territory); and ‘Door-to-Door Evangelism' taught by Major Stephen Court.

gfsThe ‘Go For Souls' movement is inspired by General William Booth's exhortation, 'Go for souls and go for the worst'. Founded in Australia by Lieutenant James Thompson with Board of Reference members in seven territories, ‘Go For Souls' conferences happen in different countries around the world. It includes online resources (goforsouls.com) evangelism training, and the conferences.

What makes ‘Go For Souls' noteworthy? Several things:

  • Not only are delegates trained in evangelising, they actually go out and do it;
  • At every ‘Go For Souls' conference around the world so far, people have been converted. The Edmonton conference was no exception;
  • It is a local-based, global-networked movement; 
  • It is a grass-roots movement - people want it and make it happen;
  • This is a rare Salvation Army conference that makes money, even though it is free (profits from this event are aimed to a mission campaign in Africa);
  • There were five Corps Sergeant-Majors present at ‘Go For Souls' Edmonton, from five cities (and three countries!).


The other great news is that you can sponsor a ‘Go For Souls' conference at your corps - just see the Go For Souls website for details! 

Major Stephen Court
Edmonton Crossroads Corps Officer
Canada and Bermuda Territory