Do you enjoy taking photos? Have you ever thought of taking photos as an act of worship or creative prayer? Have a look around you and you will be surprised how many times you will see God in life. But we don’t want you to keep it to yourself, we want you to be creative by capturing or writing about the moments when you encounter God, then share them on Instagram or Twitter.

The Centre for Spiritual Life Development now has its own hashtag that we want you to use #salvationarmycsld. Here are a few ways you can contribute:

  • Wherever you are, use your phone to take a photo. Look around you and capture where you see God in life. It could be anything, just be creative. You might like to take a daily photo to help you encounter God in ways you would usually miss.
  • If you have a prayer room or have recently had a 24/7 prayer we want you to take photos and share them. Take photos of the prayer stations or anything else that represents your prayer time.
  • You might like to contribute by sharing an injustice or a prayer request by posting a photo or tweet. Write a short description to go with it so we can all be praying for this.
  • Share a quote, prayer or a bible verse that has been encouraging to you. This might also be something that you do daily and can be a photo or tweet.  
    Once you have taken the photo on your phone, upload it onto your Instagram account and in the caption section hashtag #salvationarmycsld as well as a description of the photo. If you’re using twitter make sure you use the same hashtag so that it’s available for everyone to see. This is an easy, creative and encouraging way of sharing stories through words or photographs.

If you aren’t yet on Twitter or Instagram you can get them free by downloading the apps on your smart phone or by going to: or

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If you use this hashtag you are giving permission for this to be on the SA Global 24-7 Pinterest page.