Find Your Mission (FYM) is a pilot discipleship project organized by young adults of the Netherlands and the Czech Republic Territory. It took place in Amsterdam’s red light district from 20th July – 16th August and gathered 12 young people from all over Holland to discover God’s mission for their lives. Every week had a different focus, designed to build up participant’s relationship with God from the inside out.



Week 1 – Connect: Holiness

The first week was focused on the participant’s connection with God and each other with the main focus being holiness. Different officers and employees from THQ and soldier Debora Nufer (Switzerland, Austria and Hungary Territory) shared about The Salvation Army’s history and lead Bible studies on holiness. On Sunday they lead meetings at the local corps and took part in a powerful prayer cross activity. The young people also reached out into the community and cooked for the clients of three different Salvation Army centres.

Week 2 – Explore: Talents and Gifts

Lieutenant Maria Larsen (Denmark Territory) was the special guest for this week and lead Bible studies, taught on the fruits of the Spirit and spiritual gifts. Major Ingeborg Keijzer (Candidate Secretary) led a Bible Study with a passion assessment. Participants also visited ‘Rosaburgh’, a woman’s shelter where they cooked and conducted a meeting. At the end of this week Stephanie Chagas (Centre for Spiritual Life Development - IHQ) taught on spiritual formation and lead a Bible study. The participants experienced different kinds of prayer, including a prayer walk and creating their own prayer stations making up a house of prayer.

Week 3 – Transform: What needs to be changed in your life

During the third week participants focused on how their lives can change the situations around them.  Colonel Hannelise Tvedt (Chief Secretary) joined FYM for two days and lead Bible studies on social justice. During that week the participants took part in a planned activity at one of the many ‘Bij Bosshardt’ community centres in the country. On Sunday there was a prayer walk in the corps hall which was prepared by Eveline Marseille who is responsible at THQ for the youth aged 12+.

Week 4 – Reach out: Go back into your own reality

The last week was focused on reaching out. During this week non-alcohol cocktails were made and given out to inform the local community about the consequences of alcohol abuse and activities for adults and children were organized by the FYM participants in different social and community centres.  

Constant weekly activities also included soup bus rounds for the homeless, joining the pastoral care team in visiting the prostitutes that work in the red light area, supporting the Army’s ‘Goodwill Café, where people from the neighbourhood come into the hall to eat and share in fellowship and uniting with Salvationists during the Worldwide Prayer Meeting. 


Anti-Human Trafficking Conference

One of the highlights during FYM was the Anti-Human Trafficking Conference which drew 80 people including members from territorial leadership, officers, S.A. employees and volunteers. The territories social work director, Cornel Vader spoke about the Army’s approach to human trafficking in the territory and how it has been the Army’s priority since the beginning. There was a speaker from the organization Stop the Traffik, an update on the Meeting Point project which is a place for prostitutes and victims of human trafficking to come to for assistance and Stephanie Chagas spoke about the biblical mandate of challenging evil. Later that week the FYM participants took part in 24 hours of non stop prayer as part of the Day and Night Cry for Justice.

At the end of FYM participants reviewed their time and presented their own ‘My Mission’. During these presentations Territorial Leaders, Commissioners Hans and Marja van Vliet were also there to hear how each one had been impacted by this event and encourage them in their journey forward.

Find Your Mission shows the willingness of a young generation of warriors to be challenged and equipped for mission. They dared to step out of their comfort zones and live, work and worship in the urban and challengeing red-light district area in Amsterdam. The leadership team (Joyce Barink, Christiaan Bijl, Debora Nufer and Adiël Vader) is humbled by the participants' obdience to the Spirit's leading during FYM, and sees a renewed spirit-driven mission focus in the lives of all participants." 


Christiaan Bijl

Find Your Mission Leadership Team