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Essential1 is a free gap year, run by ALOVE UK, for anyone aged 18-24 who wants to get trained up and stuck into local mission at a Salvation Army placement – doing youth and children’s work, serving the poor, playing sports, leading assemblies, praying, preaching and lots more!

During the Essential year you will:

  • Live and serve in a team at a UK Salvation Army corps or Centre
  • Receive 5 weeks of interactive residential training designed to help you explore the 4 ‘missio dei’ (mission of God) questions; Who is God?, What is God doing?, Who are we?, How should we live?
  • Be supported and mentored by a Personal Discipler who will journey every step of the year with you

The Essential year will teach you how to live a life of real discipleship; you will discover how God is already at work in the world and help others discover him in their own lives.

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Candidate Essential

If you are considering a calling to Salvation Army officership in the future, the Essential Programme also offers a specific Candidate Stream run in partnership with the Candidates Unit.

You will be active in all aspects of Essential1 and your mission placement will be selected to expose you to a broad range of Salvation Army expressions, where you will work intentionally alongside a Corps Officer and develop your leadership skills.

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