December 2011 - Edition 06


Dear Friends,

This is the final 2011 edition of the CSLD newsletter and we are blessed to share one of the various testimonies of Salvationists who by the end of this year will have been praying 365 days non stop. Yes, a whole year of prayer...and counting!

Many of us will be united with family members during this season to remember Christ coming into the world and Lieut-Colonel Samuel Baah, Training Principal of the Ghana Territory encourages us to maintain a constant family prayer life throughout the whole year.

We encourage you also to take time to look at some creative prayer resources you can use in your setting and adapt to all ages.

We are pleased to have had a closer contact this year via our newsletter. Our desire is that it has served as a means of resource and encouragement and that we will work towards greater things in 2012 as we continue to unite in prayer and develop our relationship with Christ and others.

God bless,

Lieut-Colonels Janet Munn & Carolynne Chung
International Centre for Spiritual Life Development
London, UK


Non stop prayer testimony

With the Global Call to 24/7 Prayer - a day and night cry for justice starting on 1 January 2011, some Salvation Army locations around the world decided to commit to a whole year (and even more) of non stop prayer. We share how Edmonton Crossroads (Canada and Bermuda) has responded. Click here



Nourishing christian family through prayer

Lieut-Colonel Samuel Baah (Training Principal of the Ghana Territory) helps us to reflect on the importance given to prayer in the family life with the help of the ACID pattern of prayer.

Click here to read the article


Creative ways to pray

Prayer is such an essential part of our life and can be done in so many different ways. To access some creative resources click here.

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