While the Global Call to 24-7 Prayer - A Day and Night Cry for Justice seeks to be an ongoing prayer initiative, there are already several Salvation Army centres with a sense of vision and calling to become Houses of Prayer (SA-HOP) - places where the fire of intercession never goes out and where God makes himself at home according to Isaiah 56:7 ' house will be called a house of prayer for all nations'.


24/7 Prayer Inspires Cadets in Costa Rica

The cadets from the Training College based in Costa Rica, Latin America North Territory, recently joined in with the growing number of people praying around the world 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The activity was led by the Education Officer, Major Gerardo Gochez and cadet Paul Otálora. The cadets interceded during the day, evening, night and early morning for the world, themselves, for justice, purity and for The Salvation Army and its leaders.

The prayer room was prepared with drawings of the hands of Jesus and the cadets identified requests that they wanted to leave with Him. There were also maps, a cross to crucify impure feelings and actions, magazines to help focus on and pray for things that are happening in other territories, regular newspapers were included for the cadets to pray for world events, to intercede for mourners and much more.

A very large sheet of paper was provided for writing thoughts and memories of what the Lord gave to each person. There was also a box to write prayers and thoughts to God.

The testimonies of transformation, response, peace, joy, fulfilment and rest in the Lord’s presence were constant and the desire to have more time alone with the Lord filled many hearts. The prayer room was open to cadets so they could pray in private, 24/7 in the miracle room.


Cadets have been impacted greatly by 24/7 prayer and the labyrinth activities. There has been such an impact that the Training Principal has requested that this be part of the annual calendar of activities, while the second year cadets are very eager to put everything experienced into practice in their new appointments.


Major Geradro Gochez
Latin America North