The Salvation Army in the Democratic Republic of Congo started praying on the 6th January in response to The Global Call to 24/7 Prayer at a women's ministries event.

The Territorial Commander, Mrs Commissioner Ngwanga and the Assistant Territorial of Spiritual Life Development Mrs Major Elisabeth Leka united in leading subjects of prayer. "Many women interceded crying for justice in favour to oppressed people, against corruption and human trafficking. It seemed to be a shoot responding and God was acting powerfully" says the Territorial Secretary of Spiritual Life Development Major Josué Leka.

On the 17th January the Global Call was informed to congonese salvationists at a larger scale who were already united for a week of ecumenical meetings. The theme passage of Luke 18 was explained about the ceaseless vindicating of the widow against her adversary as if the unrighteous judge was an iniquitous one like Satan.

People were challenged to think of any sinful things, acts, words or thoughts preventing people to enter God's Kingdom after experiencing His light, inner active grace and love in their lives. Salvationist also thought about the 17th chapter of Luke regarding Jesus' words about the coming of God's Kingdom.

190 people responded to the Call and were divided into twelve groups of intercessors. Each group had prayer subjects according to the Cry for Justice in aid of the oppressed ones, corruption and human trafficking. 15 salvationists per group kneeled before the Lord claiming Justice for people, countries or churches undergoing painful treatment from oppressors, sexual violence and rape against women and girls, promiscuous relationships between adults and young people, adultery and homosexuality, corruption and backsliders within The Salvation Army.

"We also prayed for holiness, regeneration, salvation of people, spiritual revival in The Salvation Army and the Church at large. As well as faithfulness of salvationists and officers to their commitments, to God and the Army", testified Major Josué Leka.

As Salvationists were already gathered, the Global Call was launched throughout the divisions and corps as an ongoing activity. From Tuesday, 2nd  of February salvationists will be praying thoroughly day in day out but a united meeting will take place on Friday night 4th to Saturday, 5th of February.

The Global Call to 24/7 Prayer, continuing indefinitely, has been launched in the Democratic Republic of Congo, salvationists are involved and there is the true desire to reach out to all the Territory's area through God's synergy and power.