come and see'Come and See' is a Bible study booklet for 2012 produced by IHQ's International Women's Ministries department in conjunction with the international Centre for Spiritual Life Development. It's main focus is resourcing women in developing countries.


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It is always exciting to be able to share good news. We may invite our friends to come and see... a visiting family member, a new baby, a new home, or new possessions. There is joy in sharing.

During 2012, the shared theme for Women's Ministries throughout the world is Come and see... . This series of 12 Bible studies invites us to come and see...God's creation, his provision for us, his gift of Jesus and what Jesus has done for us. As we study together we are invited to see for ourselves, but also to consider how we, as Christian women, can invite others to ‘come and see'. We should not keep the good news to ourselves.

The Bible study follows a path through the Old and New Testaments, inviting us to see the story of how people learned more about God and his provision for human beings. The individual studies do not have to be used in this order - for example some are suitable for Christmas, Easter or Harvest time. You may want to use one each month or as a weekly series at some time during the year, or alternatively take more than one week on a particular study when there is a great deal to discuss.

The studies follow a simple pattern that you can use in any setting. They are designed to be flexible, so that you can add material that is relevant to where you are.

* Each study begins with - What the Bible says, where you explore ‘What does the text actually say?' It is important that you read the Bible carefully and allow it to speak to you and guide the content of your study.
* The second stage - Our lives/world today, considers such questions as: what does the Bible reading tell you about your lives? Does it highlight any problems in society? What challenges are there for the way you live your life?
* The third section - Discussion, poses a number of questions. Depending upon where you are using the studies, you may choose to select one or two that seem most suitable for you, or ask different groups to discuss other aspects and possibly, if you have time, share what they have been speaking about.
* Some of the studies have a final section that uses a Bible passage or verse from a song - To think about. You may want to use this to encourage silent reflection, sharing in small groups or as the basis of your closing worship - it is for you to decide.

We enjoy sharing our news with each other. So this is an invitation to do what we enjoy - to tell how God has invited us to ‘come and see' and to find ways of sharing in his mission as we invite others to share what we have.