SALVATIONISTS from across the USA Central Territory gathered from 27 July to 5 August at Wonderland Camp in Wisconsin to take part in the 2012 Central Bible Leadership Institute (CBLI). Special Guests included Dr Roger Green, who taught the Adult track; Lieut. Colonel Janet Munn, who led the Bible teaching for the Young Adult community; Majors Larry and Janet Ashcraft, who supported the Teen group; and Majors Bill and Sue Dunigan, who presented information about their urban ministry in Camden, New Jersey. Worship was led at each meeting by the territory's own praise and worship group, The Singing Company (www.thesingingcompany.com).

The Young Adult community focused on learning and applying spiritual disciplines throughout the week. Each day began with a time of worship with The Singing Company, followed by teaching from Lieut-Colonel Janet Munn. After a day of introduction to spiritual disciplines, the young adults spent each morning learning about a specific discipline, and were then able to practice those disciplines later on in the day. On Monday, Lieut-Colonel Munn taught on the discipline of the Word. The young adults applied the disciplines by learning the rhythm of praying the bible. This discipline was also put into practice throughout the entire week, as the community set out to memorize Philippians 2:12-16. On Tuesday, the discipline was fasting. The young adults fasted from lunch, instead feasting in the Lord through prayer and worship, and also fasted from their mobile phones for the day, laying them upon the altar at the beginning of the day.

The discipline that was introduced on Wednesday was the discipline of community, during which we learned about the importance of unity in the body of Christ. Thursday brought about a different schedule, beginning with some teaching on the discipline of worship, and then followed by an extended time of worship and prayer. The worship was supplemented with multi-sensory worship stations around the room. On Friday, the young adults spent time learning about the discipline of silence and solitude. The last thirty minutes of the teaching time gave delegates the opportunity to spend time in solitude and silence. Another opportunity came during a meal time, when many delegates chose to take part in a silent meal amidst the noisy dining hall. On the last day, the group focused on the discipline of warfare, during which Lieut- Colonel Munn urged the young adults to live, walk, and fight in the authority that all believers are given through Jesus' victory on the cross. The week ended with an intense time of prayer, where the community identified personal struggles and pleaded the blood of Jesus over the oppressive spirits in their lives.

The Young Adult Community's leadership teachings were brought by several different people throughout the week together. Major Colleen Michaud spoke about standards for leadership the first two days. Chris Shay, territorial World Missions Director, taught about obstacles that can be faced in leadership. Soldiers from the Oakbrook Terrace Corps, Randy and Sonja Cox, spent two days digging into the topic of leadership in our relationships. Lastly, Eric Himes spoke about young adults as leaders today, specifically in The Salvation Army.

The Adult Community's bible study teaching was under the direction of Dr Roger Green, Professor of Biblical Studies at Gordon College in Massachusetts, as well as a recent member of the Order of the Founder. Dr Green spent the week teaching about the Kingdom of God, a subject that he has been passionately researching and teaching on for the past few years. Throughout the week, his teachings covered the message of the Kingdom by focusing on Jesus' parables, miracles, and teaching, particularly from the Sermon on the Mount. The study also touched on the Kingdom of God and Paul's ministry and message. Finally, Dr Green ended the week by teaching about the Kingdom and The Salvation Army.

By the end of the Central Bible and Leadership Institute, the territory was full of soldiers on fire, who had been challenged and stretched throughout the week. Lives were changed, minds were renewed. The week could not have been successful without the significant planning from the staff, which included Majors Phil and Gail Aho, Eric Himes, and countless others serving the Lord throughout CBLI.

You can view videos from this year's CBLI by visiting the website. http://bit.ly/cblivideo