Read below how Salvationists have been crying out for justice in the Brazil Territory:

80 women unite in prayer during Women's Ministry weekend

prayerIn May, around 80 women from the São Paulo Division, Brazil Territory, gathered for a Women´s Ministry weekend. The theme was "Going beyond..." focussing on Paul´s words to the Philippians in chapter 3:12-13.

On a beautiful cold, yet sunny Sunday morning, the women were invited to take part in a prayer walk, during which they would stop at 5 different prayer stations. The themes for prayer were Family, Health, My Life, The World and The Salvation Army.

As part of the worldwide call to prayer for justice, they used the material available from the Global Call to Prayer 24/7, both when focussing on family matters, the world and The Salvation Army. It was a moving experience to have the women reading responsive prayers and sharing in intercessory prayer for the work of The Salvation Army and leaders.


Testimony on the first 24/7 Prayer Week held at Corps

prayer roomOne of the participants of the 24/7 Prayer week held in April at the Bosque Corps, Sao Paulo - Brazil, testifies to how God totally exceeded her expectations to 24/7 Prayer:

"Being the first, unfortunately not all the Corps members were involved, but those who did sign-up to pray witnessed it was a great time. At the end of the prayer week, during the Sunday morning meeting, all were reminded that the Global Call still continues, they are all still urged to pray and can use the now established prayer room whenever they need to. Some people testified to the importance of giving a step of faith, using the prayer room and seeing how God directed the moments of prayer. Many of them focused their prayer subjects on the neighbourhood and the Corps.

bosqueFor me, on the first day, I nearly stayed at home to pray, I thought "Why can't I do my prayer time here?", but I ended up going to the prayer room and it was wonderful. I had more freedom to pray out loud, walk, write (and in that sense also keep away the desire to sleep, as it was early!). It was wonderful to see how God guided me each day to pray for different groups of people. I had thought beforehand "This won't be anything new to me, I know the material that is in the prayer room", but I was wrong, and God opened my eyes to many new things. I have difficulty with intercession, time doesn't seem to pass, but on that day 1 hour was too short for me! And I stayed on to study the Bible, it was so worthwhile.

I am eager to see the great things God is going to do in our midst.

The idea is to use the prayer room in June, focusing on children in risk situation and in July use it to inspire people to pray for our partner in mission - Tanzania. In the second semester we will have one more week focused on the Global Call to 24/7 Prayer. Praise the Lord!"