To help with your 24-7 Prayer, we're recommending some excellent books - all written by Salvationists. Click on the links for more information, or to buy online. Your local Salvation Army trade/supplies outlet may be able to source the titles for you too.

Books on Prayer

book Army On Its Knees
by Janet Munn and Stephen Court

This book is not intended to be just another pleasant read. It calls for our response, describing the fundamentals of prayer - from private prayer to missional prayer. It is both an exciting testimony to the power of prayer and a call to arms for this new generation.

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White Cloud Soaring White Cloud Soaring
by Judith Bennett

The idea of praying 24 hours a day 7 days a week is nothing new. Isaiah describes watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem who keep praying day and night. White Cloud Soaring is a 'Down Under' version of Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig and Dave Roberts. Both books tell the story of 24-7 Prayer in the two hemispheres.
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Divine Conversations Divine Conversations
by Robert J Evans

A Journal of Prayer has now been published under the title of Divine Conversations and is now available for purchase.
Authored by Robert J Evans in partnership with the Combined Churches of Noarlunga, this book will engage you in a journey of discovery about the power and possibilities of prayer... capture the vision of the 24-7 prayer movement!
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Conversations with God

Conversations with God
by Bruce Power

A beautiful devotional work which opens up the Psalms as a resource for prayer and meditation, as we read the Psalms through the eyes of those who wrote them.
The author helps us to appreciate the range of our human experiences in the light of our affirmation of a God who is ultimately in control of the world.
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Prayer - the communication of Love
by Ian Southwell

How can your prayer-life be transformed from a ritual to a relationship? This workbook on prayer examines how our other, more familiar, relationships develop and then draws parallels with the dynamic of our relationship with God. Through a series of activities, questions, occasional anecdotes and biblical reflections, you will be prompted to encounter God through prayer in fresh ways and step up to new levels in your relationship with God - and others.
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Books on Justice

Be A Hero Be A Hero
by Wesley Campbell and Stephen Court

Be a Hero is a battle cry challenging the Body of Christ to be enlisted in the greatest battle of all times-the battle for mercy and social justice. The book opens with God's interaction in the affairs of men and His plan to redeem the 'invisible' people through justice, mercy and compassion. Setting the stage theologically the authors then unveil the great exploits of those who have gone before us and the impact that they made in their own times and on their own culture. Recommended.
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Just Imagine Just Imagine
by Campbell Roberts and Danielle Strickland

Just Imagine is a thorough exploration of the biblical and Christian foundations of social justice, and a practical guide to applying them in our lives, in our local and ultimately in our global communities. Filled with inspiring examples, stimulating advice and helpful resources, Just Imagine encourages us to live out the dream of God's just world in our waking lives, and help it to become a reality.
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Challenging Evil

Challenging Evil
by S Carvosso Gauntlett and Danielle Strickland

Originally published as Social Evils the Army has Challenged', authored by S. Carvosso Gauntlett, Just Salvos have released a reprint of this book as Challenging Evil. The original text is intact, but the book now includes brand new discussion guides written by Major Danielle Strickland. The combination of Gauntlett and Strickland, the alignment of grassroots stories from the core of The Salvation Army's mission and discussion guides around old fashion evils in modern day wrapping, and the challenge and inspiration to continue on the work of those who have gone before is pure genius.
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50 Ways to do Justice

50 Ways to do Justice
by Tim & Laura Gittins and Peter & Eileen Holley
To do justice requires knowing how to recognise injustice when we see it. This means becoming informed about the issues, knowing the facts and not being misledby prejudice and ignorance. As Christians we are called to be salt and light in this world, to let our light shine in the darkness - the light of hope and the light of God's love. This means speaking out against injustice, standing up for the oppressed and making a difference. This book is full of ideas and suggestions about how you and your family, your Church or local community can stand up against injustice and try to bring about a more just world.
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