army on its kneesArmy On Its Knees - The Dynamics of Great Commission Prayer is not intended to be just another pleasant read.

God is calling our Army to prayer! The Spirit is drawing us into a sacrificial, and sometimes risky, life of prayer. There are networks of prayer forming, revivals of continuous 24-7 prayer, prayer fellowships and weekly days of prayer bringing together those who agree in faith on common objectives as they pray.

This calls for our response. 'I implore you by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love that the Spirit inspires, be my allies in the fight: pray...' (Romans 15:30, New English Bible).

This was Paul's plea and is the burden of the authors (Colonel Janet Munn and Major Stephen Court) of this challenging book.

army on its knees'The authors of this invaluable guide for prayer warriors have been aggressively motivating, mobilizing and training Salvationists for this vital ministry of intercession' affirm retired General Paul A. Rader and Commissioner Kay F. Rader. 'What they share here has been born and bathed in their own practice of prayer. It breathes their passion for prayer as intercession and intervention in the battle for souls. They are catalysts in a global revival of commitment to prayer that makes a difference'.

To equip you to win the world for Jesus, Army On Its Knees describes the fundamentals of prayer - from private prayer to missional prayer. Through these pages you will be inspired to deploy the power of prayer in battle that has eternal consequences for the realisation of the Great Commission. Read this book prayerfully and meditatively - and be sure to have a Bible nearby.

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'Army On Its Knees is both an exciting testimony to the power of prayer and a call to arms for this new generation'. Pete Greig, Co-founder of 24-7 Prayer and Director of Prayer, Alpha International

'This book is an answer to prayer. I believe God is saying to us in these pages, look no further for strategies to win the world for Jesus. The strategy is prayer. This work will become a touchstone in our movement and one that will advantage the seeker and the prayer group looking for direction towards the presence of God. Hallelujah!' Commissioner Jim Knaggs, USA Western Territory

'I was greatly encouraged and blessed when I read Army On Its Knees. You will be too. It is full of inspiration, encouragement and Scripture. Your prayer life will be stirred for sure, it's a great read!' Patricia King, Founder of XP Media and Everlasting Love



About the authors

janet munnColonel Janet Munn is the Territorial Secretary for Womens Ministries in the Australia Eastern Territory. When she wrote this book she was the Secretary for Spiritual Life Development and Associate Principal of the International College for Officers and Centre for Spiritual Life Development based in London, England. She's originally from the USA Eastern Territory, Janet finds the Bible the most invigorating, disturbing and enlivening thing she has ever read and is endeavouring to live in the light of it. Janet is passionate about the fulness of Christ being manifest in this generation and is labouring to see the Lord's house become a house of prayer.



scourtMajor Stephen Court is Corps Officer at the Edmonton Crossroads Community Corps in The Salvation Army, Canada & Bermuda Territory. Stephen invests his time in initiatives to help win the world for Jesus. He has helped start congregations, corps, outposts, The War College, armybarmy blog, Journal of Aggressive Christianity, The War Room, Credo Press and has written several books.





Photo credits: The Salvation Army IHQ and David Mark Purdy