On March 25th at 6am the Margate Citadel Corps (United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland) commenced their 24/7 Global Prayer venture. Both Margate Corps and Armáda spásy (Czech Salvation Army at Margate) shared in the weekend and both the Czech and English language were used. Members from both sections of the Corps signed up to pray for specific times during the 24-hour periods, whether this be at the hall or at an alternate venue during the early hours of the morning.

A prayer room was set up with ten prayer stations with different subjects for prayer, including the community, the nation, international issues, human trafficking, child prodigals, health issues, persecuted Christians and Israel. There were also prayer walls where requests for prayer for families, friends, corps, and answered prayer could be written. A creative prayer space was made in part of the room for private prayer.

The River of Justice and Righteousness (Amos 5.24) was depicted and folk were invited to place a card on the river upon which was written what they considered an injustice in the world for which prayer could be offered. There was also depicted the River of Life (Revelation 22: 1 -3). The cross was central in an area with lighted candles symbolising Jesus as the Light of the World. An area for meditation with pictures, quotations and bible verses gave folk an opportunity for quiet reflection, and contemplation. An outer room, where music was played, and where people were able to rest, relax and share was also provided.

A Prayer Concert was held on Saturday evening, organized by Armáda spásy, and attended by members of both congregations. The Sunday morning meeting conveyed by scripture, song, activity and message the thought and necessity of unity within the Body of Christ. Many who had visited the Prayer Room during the previous days had expressed a sense of unworthiness before God and, during the meeting, members of the congregation were invited to wash their hands as a symbolic washing away of that unworthiness and sin.

The theme of unity was illustrated by a cord of three strands being unbreakable (Ecclesiastes 4:12) and the congregation was each given a piece of ribbon which they were invited to join together with the next during the singing of “Bind us Together”. This proved to be a very poignant part of the meeting. YP activities were conducted in the prayer centre and the community outreach was included by the folk from the community receiving their usual food parcels and making their prayer requests on a wall provided.

The weekend concluded with a united meeting of both congregations. This was a very moving and momentous occasion when members were invited to partake in a Love Feast of bread and water symbolizing their love and compassion for one another and their promise of unity, mutual confidence and goodwill. The event was a God-glorifying and inspirational occasion and, no doubt, will have far-reaching results. The prayer and other preparations were certainly worthwhile and seeds were sown for the future spiritual growth of the corps.

(Report by Lieut-Colonel Audrey Burrows and Ruth Kilian)