These Videos are resources for you to use in promoting and doing 24/7 Prayer!

Salvation Army 24/7 Prayer Videos:

24/7 Prayer Movement Videos:

Videos featured are copyright © 2010 24-7 Prayer International and are used with permission.

What is 24/7 Prayer?


Prayer as movement

Plenty of organisations claim to be 'movements', but 24-7 really is!
Watch the 4-minute video to see how this wild explosion of prayer, mission and justice started by accident and spread into more than a third of the nations on earth. Featuring 12 men, 7 women, a man in a cowboy hat, and 3 people called Jo, all making fools of themselves in central London

Prayer as creativity

'Prayer to me is far more than just a monologue with God. Its breathing... being.' Filmed in a derelict Oklahoma warehouse, we follow a group who are exploring new ways of communicating with God - through drums. This provokes a bigger question: 'If hitting things in a shed can be an expression of intercession, is there any act of human creativity which cannot be turned to prayer?'

Prayer as justice

In the mafia-run graffiti-walled city of Boys Town, Mexico, Kelly Greene is praying with women and men caught up in cycles of prostitution, poverty and drugs. She knows that prayer is a dangerous, dirty business, but she's modelling Christ's love, mercy and justice and lives are being changed. Watch Kelly's story and consider how it could be applied in your community.

Prayer as mission

Find out how 24-7 Prayer is being used as an expression of mission in Ibiza. This package follows a team in Spain who are taking prayer out of the sanctuary and in to the streets, pubs and clubs of Europe's biggest party island. It may be a top holiday destination, but the work is far from glamorous as they dodge the fights and the after-effects of a long night's drinking...