Global Call to 24-7 Prayer

The focus...

The focus for every 24-7/SA Prayer Week is the Prayer Room. It is essential that a room be set aside for prayer throughout the week in order to keep the momentum moving forward. The prayer room needs to be large enough to have about ten people in there at any given time. People will need plenty of room to move around and to be creative. Download our useful 'how to' guide, packed with useful tips and ideas to help your Prayer Week run smoothly.

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Prayer roomPrayer shouldn't be down-on-your-knees-eyes-closed boring. It's an opportunity to spend time with God - to share your hopes and dreams, to seek forgiveness, to plead for justice. More than anything, 24-7 prayer should be creative.

Our 'how to' guide gives plenty of pointers - how to pray through art, music and symbols. A solid hour in prayer may seem daunting to some but, once tried, many people return again, and again... and again...

Meanwhile, our friends in Salvation Army territories around the world are helping to facilitate 24-7 Prayer internationally, so you can also download some of the best resources that they have produced. There are no hard-and-fast rules - we just want to encourage you to pray - however you like and wherever you can.

24-7 Prayer Resource ManualFor example, this 24-7 Prayer Resource Manual from The Salvation Army's Australia Southern Territory, includes a devotional planner; articles on prayer for wholeness, health and healing; tips on how to 'pray the Bible' and a stimulating reflection on prophetic prayer by Lyndall Bywater, the 24-7 Prayer
co-ordinator in the UK and Ireland.

We also have a useful Bible study on Jesus and Justice, devised by the Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission in New York.

For loads more 'how to' help and information, visit these websites which have been specially created to support 24-7 Prayer initiatives in The Salvation Army:

» Australia Southern
» UK and Ireland
» USA Eastern
» Saved to Save
» The War College
» Send the Fire (Canada)
» More (Australia)