125 Days of Prayer - Norway, Iceland and The Færoes Territory

On the initiative of Major Margaret Saue Marti, Territorial Secretary for Spiritual Life Development (SSLD), the territory chose to pray for 125 days as a part of their 125th anniversary celebrations.

From the 25th February to 30th June 2013 the territory united in prayer, beginning with the officers at the officer’s councils. A total of 48 units participated, including corps, headquarters, the youth festival and the congress prayer teams.

Major Marti, says: “It’s been exciting and thrilling to see how people have been blessed. It has all gone very smoothly. We have only had positive feedback.”

Everyone who participated in the 125 days of prayer had many resources available from the territorial spiritual life development website, as well as an online testimony wall and prayer jar. Especially the resource “My Prayer Journey”, based on The Lord’s Prayer was a great help for many of those, who participated in 125 days of prayer.

The testimonies of 125 days of prayer are many and you can hear some of them in this video: