Monday 23 March marks the 100 day countdown to the conclusion of Boundless…the Whole World Praying in all of The Salvation Army’s 61 territories, commands and regions. European and African countries are the final ones to receive this international prayer wave which started on 1 July 2014.


Recent highlights include the Eastern Europe Territory’s time of prayer where the board room at Territorial Headquarters was turned in to a prayer room. Their 24-7 started with a Skype call between the five countries making up the territory and concluded with a prayer breakfast.


Young people from the Italy and Greece Command were on the late night prayer slots and interceded for different prayer topics via text messages to each other. Both countries engaged in creative expressions of prayer.


Temporarily rolling over to the Africa Zone, in the Uganda Territory the doors of all the corps were open for one hour of prayer in the morning during their 24-7. On the final day, corps in the Divisions and Districts came together for a joint meeting.

While the United Kingdom with the Republic of Ireland Territory’s boundless prayer time will happen in the week leading up to the international Congress, the Territory has decided that Sunday, 3 May will mark the beginning of a territorial time of prayer culminating in their 24-7 as part of Boundless…the Whole World Praying.


The main topics for this season of prayer will be: looking back with gratitude and thanksgiving for all that God has done, reflecting with penitent humility on those areas where we still need transformation and looking ahead with faith and expectancy, praying big prayers for the future. 


A video prayer baton containing content of each location’s prayer time has symbolically marked the passing over of the wave from one place to another.



Stephanie Chagas

Centre for Spiritual Life Development