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The General Reopens 'Transformed' Sunbury Court
23 April 2014
General André Cox reopened The Salvation Army's historic Sunbury Court on Tuesday 22 April 2014
Enrolments One Highlight of General's Visit to Clearwater Citadel in Florida, USA
04 April 2014
Almost 1,000 Salvationists from Florida, USA, welcomed their General for a day-long series of meetings at Clearwater Citadel Corps
The General and Commissioner Silvia Cox Restore Focus in Nigeria
27 March 2014
The General and Commissioner Silvia Cox lead worship in Nigeria
The General and Commissioner Cox Share Joyful Visit to Zambia
13 February 2014
Throughout a God-blessed visit to Zambia, General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox (were warmly welcomed by Salvationists, friends and local officials
The General and Commissioner Silvia Cox Given Warm Welcome in India Eastern Territory
17 January 2014
Throughout the congress the General and Commissioner Cox shared the pulpit, putting God at the very centre of everything that happened
The General and Commissioner Silvia Cox Share Special Moments with India Northern 'Family'
10 January 2014
At least 10,000 Punjabi, Hindi, Oriya and Bengali-speaking Salvationists and officers joined together in joyous celebration
The General Calls for New Fight to End Hunger
17 December 2013
General André Cox is calling for the worldwide Salvation Army to join him in echoing the call of Pope Francis for an end to world hunger
News Feature: General Cox Pays Tribute to Retired General Burrows at Book Launch
05 December 2013
During his visit to Australia, General Cox assisted with the launch of 'The People’s General – A Tribute to General Eva Burrows'
The General and Commissioner Silvia Cox Lead Commissioning Celebrations in Australia Southern Territory
05 December 2013
General André Cox and Comr Silvia Cox were the guest leaders for the Australia Southern Territory's commissioning celebrations
Christmas Message
02 December 2013
The General's Christmas Message for 2013
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