Gracehaven is a residential home for young people who require care, protection and rehabilitation due to risk behaviours and a lack of parental supervision.

We aim to help young people reintegrate back into their family and society through an array of holistic programmes and activities specially designed to cater to the well being of each individual person. At Gracehaven, a team of professionally trained social workers work towards building  holistic and individualized care plans that are tailored to meet each young person’s needs.

Programmes & Services

Counselling and Guidance

We work towards fostering close relationships with those under our care to help them overcome their past and face the future with a positive attitude.

Academic Programmes

Academic support is provided for those who need additional coaching in their studies as many of them do not have a strong educational foundation due to bad experiences and neglect.

Sports and Outdoor Activities

Sports and recreational activities help to foster leadership and team building amongst our young people. We collaborate with external groups to organise activities to enhance their well-being, physical fitness and learning experiences.

Music, Drama and Art

Through music, drama and art, many of our young people have discovered their hidden talents and also found joy in expressing their thoughts and feelings.

Shared Care

Parents or guardians are encouraged to continue their responsibilities to care for the young people through home-leave periods, outings and visitations. The ultimate goal is to see every young person return to their own home and family, changed for the better.


Gracehaven also places strong emphasis on aftercare and follow-up services for the young people upon their discharge. We provide ongoing support the young people and their families in the transitional period after discharge, and connect them to services within the community to provide the continued support.

Location & Contact

3 Lorong Napiri Singapore 547528 (Click here for map)

Tel: 6580 2250

Fax:  6284 1479






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