• How can people of faith fight for social justice in the 21st century?
    General André Cox gives an address at The Salvation Army Boundless Congress, 2015
  • Faith and Social Justice
    Insights from Andew Felton, The World Bank Group
  • Singing the Songs of Justice
    Both the rich and the poor, the despised, the distressed - they'll sit down in the Kingdom of God
  • A Call for Climate Justice
    How big is the issue of climate change and how are we as seekers of Christ’s justice to respond to it in all its complexity? These are the questions we set out to address in "A Call for Climate Justice". Available here as a downlodable PDF file.
  • Jesus and Justice
    A book-length study that has been developed by the International Social Justice Commission. It is available here as a downlodable PDF file in English, Spanish, French and Danish.
  • Why Social Justice?
    A paper presented by Dr Roger Green on social holiness and Wesleyan Theology at the Speak Out on-line conference. Used by permission of the author.
  • Christian Social Action: Is it worth the effort?
    A paper presented at the Speak Out on-line conference by Dani Shaw – a lawyer, Christian social justice advocate, former political adviser to the Prime Minister of Canada and a senior political advisor to two federal Ministers of Health in Canada. Used by permission of the author.
  • Biblical Reflections on Social Justice Advocacy
    In this paper from the Speak Out on-line conference, Commr Andrew Kalai explores the scriptures to see how they support the notion of Social Justice and Advocacy. Used by permission of the author.
  • The Salvation Army and the UN – Being Good Neighbors
    In their paper at the Speak Out on-line conference, Bram and Carolyn Bailey examine the relationship of The Salvation Army with the UN, what drives it and how it works. Used by permission of the authors.
  • The Salvation Army and Social Justice
    A paper by Lieut-Colonel Karen Shakespeare, delivered to the International Doctrine Council of The Salvation Army
  • Reflections on Living Below the Line
    Chris Brekke shares some thoughts on his own experience of 'living below the line' in Manhattan early in May, 2011.
  • Opening and Dedication of the ISJC
    2007: Commissioner M. Christine MacMillan released doves to signify the liberation brought by the Gospel message.

More from The Salvation Army

  • Communion with the Poor
    A monograph presented by Lieut-Colonel Paul Bollwahn at the Speak Out on-line conference. He summarizes the ethical basis for The Salvation Army's social services, emphasizes its role in advocacy for social justice, and points out that leadership and its policy activity is intrinsic to success. Used by permission of the author.
  • Anti-Human Trafficking
    Links to Positional Statement and international Salvation Army website

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