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Winsome at USA Star Lake Music Camp
26 August 2013
Winsom our Intern had the opportunity to take part in Timbrels as her Major at Star Lake Music Camp and to sing in the Rampo Chorus.
News Casey O'Brien
22 July 2013
Former Interns talks about being a Salvo takes more than you think
Nelson Mandela International Day
18 July 2013
Celebrating Nelson Mandela International Day
Haus Krai
02 July 2013
United Nations
Indigenous Peoples Symposium
21 June 2013
ISJC's Winsome Nenewa was a recent panelist speaking on the topic Preserving Language and Culture of an Indigenous Peoples Symposium
ISJC - UN Insights June 2013
19 June 2013
News from The Salvation Army's International Social Justice Commission at the UN in New York
A Peddle with Mettle
11 June 2013
Jill Peddle's compassion for others has taken her round the world...
Report from CSW 2013
10 June 2013
Details of The Salvation Army's involvement in the UN Commission on the Status of Women
20th anniversary of the Vienna Declaration
31 May 2013
High Commissioner for Human Rights
23 May 2013
Everyone everywhere must consume to live. Consumption helps us stay alive and keeps economies working. But a problem emerges when consumption is excessive
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