// 01 SEPTEMBER 2012 //

Justice and the Value of Things

'Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness;" ... Then God saw everything that he had made, and indeed it was very good.'

Genesis 1:26, 31 (NKJV)


In a 2008 article on sex trade trafficking in The Officer magazine, Commissioner Helen Clifton wrote, ' ... we refuse to close our eyes or accept it as inevitable.'

The Trafficking in Persons Report (June 2011) says in part, ‘The systemic and structural steps needed to prevent human trafficking must reflect a cultural change that rejects modern slavery, addresses the demand that fuels this crime and requires personal responsibility.'

All people are created in the image of God and all are equal in his sight.

We refuse to close our eyes to a world where abuse and slavery are the norm for many of those ‘created in the image of God.'


Lord, grant us eyes to see, wisdom to interpret, a heart to respond and the bravery to engage where men, women and children live in bondage. Let our daily choices not include actions that add to the burden of people whose lives are captive to a slavery created from our need, greed or thoughtless actions.


Lord, my life is made up of seemingly ordinary decisions and yet I acknowledge that sometimes those simple actions have unintended outcomes that facilitate another's bondage. Help me to be wise and reflective in my decisions, to live simply, making considered choices; to accept the responsibility of informed choices and not merely respond to emotional ‘wants'. Lord, help me find my voice to speak out when people of power and influence create situations that limit justice for my brothers and sisters who are created in your image. Lord, help me to never give up or lose hope when faced with the enormity of the evil we call human trafficking. May the people of your Church be part of the solution to this world issue. Lord, please give us wisdom and energy for the battle. Amen.


Lord, there are governments that enslave and imprison their citizens through the abuse of power. This is not acceptable and we ask that change will come and justice will prevail.

There are corporations whose financial viability is founded on slave labour. This is not acceptable and we ask that change will come and justice will prevail.

There are individuals who get rich on the degradation and abuse of others. This is not acceptable and we ask that change will come and justice will prevail.

There are people who refuse to see that their actions facilitate abusive and disempowering limitations on others. This is not acceptable and we ask that change will come and justice will prevail.

And Lord, if we are to be the brokers of change and the facilitators of justice, we say ‘yes' - God helping us.

The Church

Lord, as people who come together to worship you and to serve in your name, we ask for clarity and wisdom in our efforts. May our stewardship and generosity bring relief and release to those in the bondage of poverty. May our personal and corporate giving be a reflection of our joyful acknowledgement of your grace, mercy and love, and our trust in you.


Add your own personal reflection and prayer on the injustice of human trafficking and your commitment to action.


Two thoughts:


‘You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.'

John 14:14 (NIV)


‘Christ has no hands but our hands, to do his work today.'

Annie Johnson Flint





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