04 March 2014

Name:  Jayshong Lui

Date of Birth: 4/ 04th / 2014

Nationality: Papua New Guinea

Brief history of myself:


Hi my name is Jayshong lui, but you can all call me Jay. I am the eldest of 5 children (3 boys and 2 girls) to Salvation Army Officer Parents Majors Chris and Tilitah Goa. I have previously worked as a chef for two years before coming to the USA.


Facts about me:

I am very active in my church as well as in my parents’ ministry especially through music. I am a musician with skill in both string and wind instruments (brass). I play the guitar, bass, drums and the keyboard as well as the baritone, and bass but I love the Euphonium.


In terms of sports, I am a semiprofessional Rugby league and Rugby union player. I also play basketball and volleyball. I have had the privilege of representing my province in soccer when I was in high school during a national tournament.

Tags: Personnel