From the desk of the World President of Women's Ministries – Commissioner Silvia Cox

April 2013

After our plane, going from London to Johannesburg, was diverted to Barcelona, little did we realise that it would mean a delay of 24 hours, loss of sleep and would disturb our well planned journey!

When one member of the crew was suddenly taken ill and needed to have an operation as quickly as possible as his appendix had ruptured, the pilot,
to save one life, decided to turn round and landed in Barcelona, the nearest airport. Suddenly, 350 passengers saw all their plans ruined as we had to return to London and, only after a six hour wait at the airport, we were able to start our journey again with a new crew. Waiting in London, exhausted, most of the passenger admitted that, even with all the chaos and disturbances this event had created, if a life had been saved, it was all worthwhile!

That night, I realised again what Jesus did for me and you on Good Friday! For him, it was more than a loss of sleep, plans disturbed, holidays delayed, meetings missed. For Jesus, the cost to save me and you was his own life! He suffered, he agonised, he was hurt physically, and he died on the Cross. For him it was all worthwhile if it meant a life was saved – your life and mine.

Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice!

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