International Congress to Take Place in 2015
'The General has decided that an International Congress will be held during the first week of July 2015,' writes the Chief of the Staff, Commissioner Barry C. Swanson. 'The Congress will mark the 150th anniversary of the founding of The Salvation Army.'
He continues: 'London, UK, is where the Army was born and so it seems fitting that we should gather in this city to celebrate God’s faithfulness and blessing on our mission.
'Planning and preparation for the congress will be coordinated by Lieut-Colonels Eddie and Kathy Hobgood, officers of the USA Southern Territory, who will be based at International Headquarters from July 2012 under the supervision of Commissioner William Cochrane, International Secretary to the Chief of the Staff.
'As we look forward to a great gathering of Salvationists from 124 countries let us join our prayers for a God-glorifying, Kingdom-growing International Congress in 2015.
'May God bless you.'

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