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Main meals
7–11 April 2014

In addition to these meals, we offer baked potatoes, freshly prepared salads, sandwiches, panini and baguettes – all made on-site with locally-sourced produce. We also have vegetarian quiche and a hugely popular salad of the day at the counter. Follow us on Twitter for special promotions and discounts!
All items are subject to availability and may be substituted.

Monday 7 April

Soup: Tomato and watercress
Bistro 1: Chilli con carne with steamed rice
Bistro 2: Penne with roast vegetables, pesto and feta

Tuesday 8 April

Soup: Roast pumpkin and rosemary
Bistro 1: BBQ chicken breast with roast potatoes and vegetables
Bistro 2: Fusilli with salmon, spinach and dill

Wednesday 9 April

Soup: Broccoli and blue cheese
Bistro 1: Lamb burger with chips and salad
Bistro 2: Spaghetti with peas, basil, garlic and chilli

Thursday 10 April

Soup: Indian spicy creamy cauliflower
Bistro 1: Chicken fajitas with savoury rice, salad  and sour cream
Bistro 2: Penne with bacon, spinach and blue cheese

Friday 11 April

Soup: Sweet potato and coconut
Bistro 1: Special baked fish fillet with new potatoes and vegetables
Bistro 2: Roast vegetable risotto

Café 101 is provided in association with BaxterStorey.