All The WorldAll the World is the magazine of the international work and mission of The Salvation Army. It is produced at International Headquarters in London, England, and published four times a year.

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Editorial Office

All The World, The Salvation Army International Headquarters, 101 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4EH
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7332 0101

Our April-June 2017 issue is out now! Copies are published online approximately two months after the printed version.
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ATW back cover - timelineApril-June 2017 edition

Downloadable artwork – a steady path through a changing world


January-March 2017 edition

Downloadable 2017 calendar

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October-December 2016 edition

Emergency responses map

July-August 2016 edition

Download back page '127 countries' artwork


April-June 2016 edition

Download back page refugee artwork

Special Boundless 2015 edition

Download the cover artwork from this special edition

The Salvation Army at 150

All the World Editor Kevin Sims explains: 'I asked Berni, the magazine's designer, to create a piece of artwork that tied together The Salvation Army's rich, God-inspired history and made the link with the amazing work that happens today, all around the world. I think he's done an amazing job. I hope that people looking at this seemingly simple deisgn will realise again that without the faith and courage of William and Catherine Booth, and other pioneers, the Army wouldn't be where it is today - but equally, God continues to use thousands of Salvationists, friends and colleagues around the world to build on what has gone before and do even more amazing things!' 

Download A3 size poster (PDF/JPG)
Download A4 size poster (PDF/JPG)

Year Planner

Download the All the World 2015 year planner as a PDF



Download the map of emergency responses featured in the July 2014 issue.