From the desk of the World President of Women's Ministries – Commissioner Silvia Cox

July 2014


Transformed Life


Before the Congress in Canada, we were privileged to visit some of the different social expressions of The Salvation Army in Toronto.


In the Harbour Light centre, I met with Sue Connelly, an invited guest at the reception who in her own words said: “I came to The Salvation Army Homestead Addiction Services on the 1st September 2010, a broken woman, but ready to surrender to the programme and our Lord for help.  

Ten weeks into the programme I began to realise the benefits of the good teachings and nurturing I was given and started to feel quite well again.”


She was a living example as she testified of the transforming power of Jesus Christ in her life! She lives now in a lovely one room bedroom apartment in a good area of the city. She comes back regularly to the Harbour Light centre as she has volunteered as the garden coordinator.


She concluded by saying: “I remain eternally grateful to this good, good building, the programme and kinship in it, the wonderful staff and counsellors and of course the spirit of God who is always with me now!”