From the desk of the World President of Women's Ministries – Commissioner Silvia Cox

January 2014

You are loved


It seems impossible that 2013 is already behind us! All the excitement, all the worries of the year are now past! A new page has just turned!

Our last official visit in 2013 was in Thessaloniki, Greece!  Luckily we did not need to escape during the night like the apostle Paul! (see Acts 17 )  On the contrary we were well received and rejoiced in meeting the newly enrolled soldiers and their officers, Lt Anasatasia and Neofytos Totsios.

They have found the ideal situation for the hall and have renovated it with the help of many friends!  It is now a busy, lively, friendly hub, serving and witnessing to the community! People are turning to God and being saved!

As we were able to see the old wall of the city and some of the roads where the apostle must have walked so many years ago I thanked the Lord that the Apostle Paul had the courage to step out in faith into those faraway places so that now,  we too may hear about the good news of Jesus Christ, his love, and his salvation for us.

As our theme for 2014 is: “ You are loved “ (Colossians 3:12 ), like the Apostle Paul, let us tell about the good news of his love for us wherever we are!