From the desk of the World President of Women's Ministries – Commissioner Silvia Cox

April 2014

“Whoever is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his glory.” Luke 9:26

As we have travelled, I have found that something which is common to all the countries we have visited, are the inspiring testimonies of people who have experienced lasting transformation as they have encountered the Risen Christ.  In our last trips to Pakistan, Nigeria and Clearwater (USA), we heard testimonies about lives that have been transformed resulting in among other things deliverance from drug, alcohol addiction through the power of Jesus. We have also heard inspiring accounts of how God has and is answering prayers for healing, for work related challenges, for impossible situations, for protection, for travelling mercies.

What has been hugely encouraging is to see that people are standing firm in their faith even when confronted with persecution.

I heard the story of one young adult woman living in a country where Christians are in a significant minority, who was told by her parents not to wear the cross as a necklace, as it would make her life easier at university. The young woman decided that she will keep wearing her cross as she is not afraid to be recognised as a disciple of Jesus. I salute the courage and faith of all those young women who are faithful witnesses and chose not to deny their God and master no matter what the personal cost may be.