From the desk of the World President of Women's Ministries – Commissioner Silvia Cox

May 2013

Faithful women

In the plane, returning from Italy recently, I had time to reflect at the wonderful commissioning weekend that we had been privileged to share in, and what it meant for the Italy and Greece Command. It truly was a historic weekend as it was the first commissioning for cadets being actually trained in Italy for 54 years. During all this time cadets had been trained outside the command.


During the Silver Star supper, I met a widow, with two adult daughters and who is very active in her corps.  Although I could speak to her only with the help of a translator, she impressed me.  One of her daughters was commissioned not long ago and we were present at the commissioning of her second daughter! As she proudly pinned her second star after the meeting on Saturday, I was wondering what was going through her mind as now both her children are Officers!  For me she is an example of the many often unknown but faithful women all over the world, who are walking worthy of the Lord! Praise the Lord for women like her!

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