Images of God

This study looks at the various images of God in the Old and New Testaments.  It gives opportunity for discussion and reflection on the impact of these images on our spiritual development.

Salvationist Spirituality and Sacramental Living  

This session will look at the Sacraments in the context of Salvationist spirituality and the recommendations of the Spiritual Life Commission report (1998).

Spiritual Gifts


Using the tools available, this class will help an individual discover his/her spiritual gifts.  Then as each gift is studied in more depth, each will come to understand the significance of all of the gifts and how they are all an essential part of God's plan for the building of His Kingdom.

Dimensions of Prayer

This class looks at Prayer and Fasting and the role of this in the development of the individual in community.  Fasting and prayer will be studied biblically as well as historically, with opportunity offered for personal experiential learning. 

Preparing God's People for Works of Service

The 5-part Principal's Lecture Series will review that paradoxically ubiquitous and mysterious Pauline reference to ‘apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to prepare God's people for works of service.' (Ephesians 4:11, 12).  Are each of these ‘offices' valid for today?  If so, how are they expressed?  And, is there a place for such roles in The Salvation Army?

The Doctrine of Holiness  

The key objectives of this seminar are to consider the biblical and historical development of the doctrine of holiness, and to relate these to the personal experience of delegates.  Particular reference will be made to the work of the Holy Spirit as Giver of Life.  Patterns of Christian experience will be considered, including the blessing of sanctification and baptism in the Holy Spirit.  The allotted time is split evenly between input from the visiting lecturer and delegate participation and reflection.

[Recommended reading: Surprised by the Power of the Spirit and Surprised by the Voice of God by Dr Jack Deere (Kingsway)].  Any book by S. L. Brengle; Never the Same Again by Shaw Clifton and Sanctified Sanity by Robert Rightmire]

Servant Leadership 

The book, Servant Leadership, was written by Robert Street as an outcome of a recommendation from the International Spiritual Life Commission. It was published from the Australia Eastern Territory as a basic spiritual tool that could be used at any and all levels of leadership within the Army. Servant Leadership essentially looks at the leadership of Jesus, relates it to our world and includes practical issues which are constantly present in ministry. The book is now available in some twelve  languages. 

Call to be God's People

This class will be a reminder of the reason God has called and chosen officers as leaders of The Salvation Army.  Based on the message of the Spiritual Life Commission, it will affirm the Holy Spirit's ministry within the Army of today.

Teaching from Scripture

Commissioner Howe has a passion for sharing biblical truth in the context of modern life.  His vision is for a church released from formal structures and revived for Christian mission in both word and deed.  His Bible Study is prepared specifically with the current session in mind.

The Dwelling Places of God

A five-part series studying the Scripture with regard to The Dwelling Place of God.  The series will include an overview of this theme throughout the Bible in terms of where God has dwelt, as well as areas of more focused study of the Creation of humanity, God's allegiance to Abraham and Moses as representing the Hebrew people, the Tabernacle and the Temple as God's dwelling place, Jesus the Incarnate Son of God as and the Church, Christ's Body, as the place where God dwells.