The General's Lecture (General Linda Bond)

Administering a Worldwide Salvation Army (The Chief of the Staff)

This lecture, presented by the Chief of Staff, addresses important challenges of both administering the international Salvation Army and serving as competent administrators at every level.

Women's Ministries and Mission (Commissioner Silvia Cox)  

This lecture addresses the scope of women's ministries, and the mobilising of the Army's people globally for mission and ministry in the community.

Our Salvationist Roots & Wesley Influence

In order to understand who we are today as The Salvation Army, we need to know from whence we came.  The roots and influences that have helped to make us what we are today need to be understood.  We will look briefly at the influence of Protestant and revival movements.  The significant impact of John Wesley will also be explored in some detail.  During the afternoon, the session will visit Wesley's Chapel.

International Financial Administration

This lecture gives insight into the financial resources received and expended for the work of the international Salvation Army.  It explores ways of supporting Salvation Army programmes for which delegates have personal responsibility, as well as worldwide programmes.  Each delegate will be encouraged to feel that he/she has an important part in the total mission of The Salvation Army.  Careful budgeting, accounting, integrity and absolute honesty will be emphasised.

Legal and Constitutional Issues

The Legal and Constitutional Advisor to the General will discuss the international legal structure of The Salvation Army, with specific reference to historiacl background, implications for Salvation Army policy, and the election of the General.

Resourcing an International Integrated Mission

An introduction to the International Programme Resources Department, its primary function, mission and ways of working.  The seminar will provide a chance to explore the concepts and principles of integrated mission, to share experience of attitudes and practices in integrated mission, and to examine ways in which the principles can be more thoroughly applied and embedded in the way we all work.

There will be opportunity to learn of the operation of units of the department, with information being available on all.

Salvationist Egalitarianism 

the Salvation Army is distinguished by ecclesiological empowerment for both husbands and wives. This lecture series will present the theological basis for the structure, evaluate espoused theory in contrast to theory-in-use and outline the practical implications for officer husbands, wives and families.