Faith-Based Facilitation identifies three important influences that The Salvation Army uses in shaping policy: the Bible, the tradition of the Church and the inspiration of God in the Kairos experience.

People of faith are influenced by the teachings handed down across the generations. The Salvation Army, as a Christian Church, believes that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament were given by inspiration of God and that they offer essential, divine guidance that helps people live life to the full.

The Salvation Army does not give the same authority to the tradition of the church as it gives to the Bible. However, we recognise that there is much to learn from the experience and teachings of Christians who have gone before, and therefore the lessons learnt and patterns established by faith tradition should be analysed and reflected upon as they will often provide valuable insight.

» Faith-based facilitators need to be very sensitive to the impact that money can have in this process – especially money that comes from outside the community. External funds will sometimes be needed to 'top up' local resources but care must be taken to ensure that the process is not driven by what the external donor wants. It is strongly recommended that communities get used to using FBF before they link up with external donors. In this way the community will know their own strengths and capacities and have greater con?dence to build partnerships with external donors.

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