The Chair of the International Theological Council, Lieut-Colonel Dr Karen Shakespeare has served as a corps officer, at William Booth College, London, at IHQ, as Principal of the SALT College of Africa, and at THQ. She is currently the Divisional Commander of the Southern Division in the United Kingdom with the Republic of Ireland Territory. She has been a member of the IDC since 2003 (Secretary 2009-2014). Karen and David have two married officer daughters, Naomi with John, and Ellie with Mark. Karen’s commitment to officer development has been enriched and sharpened by practical experience and academic study; she believes that who we are, what we know and believe, and what we do blend together to form us and bring growth.


​Vice-Chair of the ITC Commissioner Johnny Kleman was born in Borås, Sweden and married Eva after his commissioning 1982. They served together in corps and DHQ appointments before 1997 when he was appointed to teach at the School for Officer Training in Sweden, later becoming the Principal. In 2007 was he appointed as Secretary for Programme in the Finland & Estonia Territory. Later, after serving as Chief Secretary in Sweden & Latvia Territory for three years, he was appointed as Territorial Commander for Finland & Estonia Territory. Currently he is the Territorial Commander for Sweden &  Latvia. His academic background is in Theology, Philosophy and Education. He is the co-author of a book, A Sacramental Army.


Secretary of the ITC Lieut-Colonel Dr Wendy Swan is Canadian by birth and global citizen by choice, Wendy’s service in Canada, Central Africa and Southeast Asia reflect her commitment to the global body of Christ. Commissioned as a ‘Herald of Hope’ (1983), Wendy has a passion for the Word and its transforming power.  Present appointments include Command President of Women’s Ministries and Chair of Moral and Social Issues Council of the Hong Kong and Macau Command. Wendy's PhD thesis articulated the theological underpinnings of The Salvation Army’s practice of social justice. She is a firm believer that the greatest gift Salvationists can give to the world is their own lived personal holiness. Baking, music and gardening are amongst her hobbies.




Lieut-Colonel Gabriel Adepoju was born in 1961, and was called by God to officership in 1984. Commissioned as a Proclaimer of the Gospel Session, Gabriel served as a corps officer before marrying Comfort where they were appointed as Sectional Officers. Following appointments at the Training College, where he held the position of Training Principal, he took up his current appointment as Secretary for Programme in April 2014. He has a BA(Ed) Christian Religious Studies 1st Degree, a MSc. Sociology (Crime and Family) 1st Master and an MA, Christian Studies 2nd Master Degree. Gabriel and Comfort are blessed with four sons and one daughter. His motto is “I have a Vision; My Vision is in the mission of The Salvation Army."




 Lieut-Colonel Ian Barr first came into contact with the Army when he was fostered as a baby by a Salvationist family in Saltcoats, Scotland. Commissioned as an officer to Nottingham in 1973 he married Christine the following year. Their joint service included 15 years in corps appointments, and 13 years on the staff of William Booth College. Following 6 years in divisional leadership, Ian was appointed Secretary for Programme in the UK and Ireland in 2007. He retired from active service in December 2013. Ian is an alumnus of Kings College London with degrees in theology and education. He has been a guest lecturer at the International College for Officers since 1987.



Commissioner Grace Chepkurui has been an officer for thirty-four years. She is married to Stephen who is the Chief Secretary. With her husband, she has served as a corps officer in five corps, twice she was appointed to social centres (for 12 years), and has held appointments at the officer training college. Twice, she and Stephen have been command leaders (for four years). As well as serving in Rwanda and Burundi, she has served in Tanzania as Command Secretary for Women's Ministries,  in Zambia as Territorial President of Women's Ministries, and in Kenya West as the Territorial Secretary for Women's Ministries. Grace and Steven are now territorial leaders of Kenya West Territory, with Grace as Territorial President for Women's Ministries. Grace and Stephen have three children and one grandchild.


Lieut-Colonel Donna Evans is a follower of Jesus who is passionate about journeying with people and communicating theology in an understandable way. Married to Stu, they have four beautiful children and six precious grandchildren. Donna loves reading, and is currently enjoying exploring the writings of the feminist theologian, Elizabeth Johnson. She is an Australian Salvation Army Officer who has enjoyed varied appointments including various Corps, a Divisional role and a five year term at Booth College. Until early 2017 Donna was serving in the Netherlands and Czech Republic as Territorial Secretary of Education and Training, and she is currently Assistant Chief Secretary, Australia Eastern Territory.        


Lieut-Colonel Hwang, Sunyup was born in Korea. He majored in theology and was trained in the second year and commissioned in Melbourne, Australia. Sunyup has served in Korea, USA Southern and UK, where he planted three new Corps, and held various positions at THQ Korea such as the Chief Coordinator of the 2008 Centenary Congress, Training Principal, Director of the Territorial Strategy 'Vision 2028 Hope Project' and Secretary for Programme. He was a member of the International Commission on Officership and Development Consultancy Group at IHQ. After fully recovering from life-threatening Leukemia, Sunyup has returned to work to testify and preach about the Living God. He currently serves as the Director of Territorial Heritage Centre.                                                                                                                                                                      


Major Arif  Masih was born in 1968 in Lahore Pakistan. His early education  was in Lahore, and he completed his Bachelor of Theology  from Gujranwala Theological Seminary in 1990. His thesis was on the topic: ‘’Comparison between Muslim and Christian married life” He served as a Presbyterian pastor for three years in Gujranwala. He and his wife Samina worked for The Salvation Army at Jhamka Corps before training as part of the ‘’Messengers of Love’’ session. Arif served as a Corps officer and youth officer at Tanda, and Peshawar. He served at the Training College as Field Training Officer, Senior Training Officer and Acting Training Principal, before being appointed to Kohat Corps. Now he is serving as Training Principal. He and Samina have two sons Ammindab and Alyab, and a daughter, Anab.


Commissioner Elizabeth  Matear was born in St Andrews, Scotland. Prior to Officer service she studied and worked in Social Work. After commissioning in 1977, appointments to Social Services and Corps, alongside husband John, followed. Divisional responsibilities in Youth Work, Director for Personnel, then service at UK THQ within the Personnel Service ensued.   Divisional Leadership in the UK, was followed by Territorial Leadership in the Caribbean Territory for five years. Returning to the UK in 2006 she and John served as Territorial Leaders until retirement in 2012. During this time Elizabeth was elected as Moderator of the Free Churches and Co-President of Churches Together. Post- retirement, Elizabeth served as Corps Officer at William Booth Memorial Halls, Nottingham. She is now Secretary for International Ecumenical Relations and works in Chaplaincy at Nottingham University Trust Hospitals.


Lieut-Colonel Elsa Aquino Oalang is the Territorial Secretary for Personnel Administration in the Philippines Territory. She graduated with Honours and a Theological Education Award from the Asian Theological Seminary. She is married to Lieut-Colonel David Oalang. Elsa has also served on the staff of the training college in The Philippines, where she was field training officer for four years and associate principal for four-and-a-half years. She has also served as a corps officer, divisional youth secretary, divisional director of women's ministries, officer for territorial programme administration, and Literature Secretary and Wary Cry Editor.

Maruilson Souza  

Major Dr Maruilson Souza has served as corps officer; Youth Divisional Secretary; Manager for Social Work; Territorial Finance Secretary; Divisional Commander and currently he's serving as the Training Principal of the College and Education Territorial Secretary in Brazil. He has a PhD (Theological Education) and a Masters Degree (Science of Religion), Masters Degree in Systematic Theology, MBA, Bachelor's Degree in Theology, Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. He has written several books, including Catherine: My Life (2009); Theological Education in Perspective (2008); Partners in Mission: An Introduction to Salvationist Missiology (2003); Salvationist Theology in Action (1999); Poems to Pray and Meditate (1982); Hey! Come Follow Me; Theology of and Beyond Religion (2015).


Commissioner Denise Swansbury has served in corps leadership and at the William Booth Training College, and as a hospital chaplain. She has undertaken international appointments in Zimbabwe, Liberia and Ghana. Prior to becoming an officer Denise was a school teacher. She has a BA degree in education and psychology. Denise has held appointments at IHQ in the South Pacific and East Asia Zone, and within the Programme Resources Department. Currently, she serves as Zonal Secretary for Women's Ministries, Europe, while retaining her role as Mission Resources Secretary in the Programme Resources Department. Her passions for ministry are children and the marginalised. With her husband Charles, Denise has three married children, one of whom is an officer, and three adorable grandchildren.



Lieut-Colonel Dr Geoff Webb spent his childhood in Singapore/Malaysia, and was commissioned as an officer in Australia Southern. Married to Kalie, he serves as Assistant Chief Secretary (Personnel) at International Headquarters. Prior service has been in corps, training work, social programmes, as Training Principal (Pakistan and Australia Southern), and as a Divisional Commander. Geoff is the author of Mark at the threshold (2008); co-author of Authentic holiness for ordinary Christians (2007) and Holiness Incorporated (2009); editor of Mission Mandates (2011); and contributor to In Her Own Words (2010), and I’ll Stand for Christ (2012). Geoff and Kalie have three adult children and four grandchildren.



Songster Leader K.Zohmingthanga has been leading the India Eastern Territorial Songsters from its inception till date. After earning a secular Bachelor’s degree, he completed his Bachelor of Divinity (B.D) from Bishop College, Calcutta. He then pursued his Master’s Degree in Theology (M.Th) in Communication from Tamil Nadu Theological Seminary in Mudarai.  He has contributed to the social service work of the Army in the Territory in various capacities. He is a faculty member at the Officers’ Training College. He teaches theology and biblical studies to the cadets there. He lives with his wife Caroline and three children in Aizawl, Mizoram.



The former International Doctrine Council has enjoyed the support of corresponding members in recent years. The current ITC now has a system of using consultants as required for specific subjects.