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INTRODUCTION (from the Rations Guide)
We want to stay close to Jesus. For some of us, that requires GETTING close, first. For all of us, it demands a daily dedication to God, time alone with Him in prayer and with the Scriptures.

In The Salvation Army we call this essential discipline RATIONS. Just as a military soldier gets daily nutritional intake of food and drink to fuel his/her military efforts for king and country, a salvation soldier needs daily spiritual intake of PRAYER and the WORD to fuel his/her spiritual efforts for the Lord. Nothing replaces rations. Corporate worship is fantastic, discipleship accountability is solidifying, authentic Christian community is enriching, evangelizing is invigorating, serving is fulfilling, study is rewarding, fasting is revealing, advocating is bracing, but none of these can act as a substitute to rations.

Salvationists are SAVED TO SAVE. And this guide, containing Scripture memory and prayer and Bible reading, is intended to be used in combination with discipleship accountability, cell group community, corporate worship, intentional evangelism, extraordinary prayer, and regular service to round out your relationship with God and optimise your effectiveness as a soldier of Jesus Christ.

Rations Guide provides you with a text to read each day. If you follow it, you’ll finish the Bible by
the end of the year. And if everyone in your corps follows it each day, you are all on the same page spiritually opening yourselves corporately to the revelation of God. It can be a powerful experience.

William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army, described the Bible this way: God has put His heart on paper. This Rations Guide is invented to help you make the most of your time with God each day. It is structured to facilitate daily disciplines, track God’s interaction with you, deposit His Word in your spirit, and help transform you from glory to glory into the image of God.

Remember, our goal is not head knowledge or self-imposed discipline. We’re seeking intimacy with God and the purity and power that flows out of it. This inward-outward transfer will affect the world in which we live. As General Booth asserted in 1885, ‘I want to see a new translation of the Bible into the hearts and conduct of living men and women.’ Just as the Bible is God’s heart on paper, we want our lives to be the spiritual canvas on which He translates His heart.