1976congressSoutheast is where The Salvation Army started in Alaska. In May of 1898, Evangeline Booth and the "Klondikers" (a group of eight Salvation Army church members, or "Salvationists") arrived in Skagway. From there, The Salvation Army spread like fireweed, as far north as Fairbanks.

Today, The Salvation Army provides a place of worship and practical assistance for those in need in 10 Southeast communities:




Fun Fact:

Evangeline Booth

It is said that Evangeline Booth even had an encounter with legendary outlaw, Soapy Smith. Over a cup of hot cocoa, Evangeline shared the message of Christ's love with Soapy. He left, promising to consider what he had heard. Within six weeks of this meeting, Soapy Smith was killed in a shootout. Following Soapy's death, two of his followers returned to The Salvation Army and accepted Christ.