05 May 2014

The Tundra Drums April 2014 news story "The Salvation Army Eyes Bethel", received widespread interest and news coverage after the story was re-distributed by the Associated Press, with articles on The Salvation Army Alaska's plans appearing in news outlets from Alaska to Washington, D.C.

The article recounts the results of a visit by The Salvation Army Alaska Divisional Headquarters leadership to the community:

"Over two days, Salvation Army officials held conversations with several key players in town, including the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation, ONC members, Tundra Women's Coalition, Bethel Winter House, the city jail and more. What they came away with was an overwhelming, rabbit hole-like list of problems."

The article concludes: "At the time, Salvation Army officials are being open-minded about what they can do. While the Salvation Army usually starts out in a new area with just a volunteer or a part-time worker, {Divisional Commander Major George] Baker said they may need to think about skipping ahead to creating an outpost, which would have two full-time workers and possibly a facility or an office. He said they want to hopefully start up within six to nine months, or by the end of the year."